On Super Bowl Sunday, hundreds of people flock to various prop betting pools and markets to wager against friends with. From exotic and novelty markets to other events surrounding the Super Bowl, prop pools and bets have become a big part of the big game. 

RYP has you covered for the most popular and most thrilling types of Super Bowl prop pools and bets to consider playing. Be sure to check out our various Super Bowl Party pools and start playing against your friends and family!

What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet is short for proposition bet, referring to any bet placed that has nothing to do with the final score or outcome of the game. Prop bets can vary in range, from team props to player props. Spreads, point totals and moneyline are not considered props since they reference the outcome of the game.

However, a first quarter moneyline bet is considered a ‘game prop’ because it doesn’t reference the final outcome of the game. Player stat totals and scoring plays are also considered ‘player props’ since it doesn’t reference the final score but rather the player’s individual performances. 

Most books allow prop betting to take place by simply clicking on the game desired to wager on. Once you click the game, multiple prop markets typically show. Books also have a vertical scroll bar at the top of the page with labeled prop markets. 

Super Bowl Prop Bets You Should Try

As mentioned, there are various Super Bowl prop markets to consider when playing in pools or betting. Let’s go through the most popular and fun prop markets to consider for your pools or wagering needs.

Player Props

Perhaps the most popular prop market to wager on is the player prop market, another form of ‘fantasy football’ for those who play and the season is over. In player props, bettors are simply deciding whether or not a player will go over or under a given stat total.

If Travis Kelce has a receiving yard total of 79.5, then a bettor must choose if Kelce will go over or under 79.5 total receiving yards. Under bettors want Kelce to finish the game with 79 yards or less, while over bettors want Kelce to finish the game with 80 yards or more.

Yards, receptions, rushing attempts, field goal attempts, passing completions and more are all possible player prop stats to wager on. However, touchdowns scored is the most popular player prop in the Super Bowl.

With touchdown props, it’s simply betting on any player you think will score a touchdown (non-throwing) in the Super Bowl. Bettors are also able to select which player will score the game’s first and last touchdowns, which are typically worth more. 

Team Props

Team props refer to any wager that includes the outcome for a specific team. Team totals are the most popular team prop bet, simply selecting whether or not a team will go over or under a given point total. 

If the Chiefs are given a first quarter team total of 9.5, a bettor must decide if the Chiefs will end the first quarter of the Super Bowl over or under 9.5 given points. Over bettors want the Chiefs to score 10 points or more before the first quarter ends, while under bettors want the Chiefs to score nine points or less when the first quarter ends. 

Point totals and touchdown totals are the most popular team props to wager on. Other team props include ‘which team will score first’ or ‘which team will reach 20 points first’.

Game Props

Game props refer to any wager on the game’s outcome, not related to the final score. ‘Will there be overtime?’ is a very popular game prop or ‘will either team score back-to-back touchdowns?’. The line between game and team props is very narrow so let’s use an example below to understand how to separate the two.

A team prop bet for sacks would be, Chiefs 2.5, in which the bettor is selecting if a specific team will see a certain number of sacks. A game prop for sacks would be, first team to see a sack or will the game sack total go over or under 5.5? 

MVP Props

MVP prop betting is the most popular futures market before the Super Bowl, because it’s the only one left. In the MVP prop market, a bettor is simply picking which player they think will win the Super Bowl MVP Award. 

Typically, quarterbacks win the award which means they are worth less when compared to other players. Defensive players rarely win the award, but are worth more should they win the award. Some of the latest defensive players to win the award include Von Miller, Malcolm Smith and Dexter Jackson – the only three since 2003.

Exotic/Novelty Props

The exotic market, also known as novelty bets, is perhaps the most unique betting market in the Super Bowl. This market refers to anything you can bet on, in which the outcome of the bet can’t be determined through statistical analysis.

From the coin toss to the color of the Gatorade bath of the winning head coach, this market refers to any bet that can’t have a measurable outcome. In layman’s terms, the outcome is based simply on luck. ‘Better lucky than good’ they say though. 

Coin Toss

The coin toss is a popular exotic wager, simply picking heads or tails.

Halftime Show 

This is a very fun market to play in, and makes the Halftime Show worth watching if not a fan of the performer. This can range from ‘will the performer wear glasses or a hat?’ to ‘what will be the first and last song performed?’. Anything related to the Halftime Show performance is a very popular exotic wager to consider.

Gatorade Bath

As mentioned, a bettor simply chooses what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coaches’ head. Bettors can also choose that no liquid is dumped on the coach or even select water. 

National Anthem

Much like the Halftime Show, the bettor is wagering around the National Anthem performance. ‘Will the singer forget the lines?’ or ‘Will the anthem last over two minutes?’ are popular bets in this market. 

Tips for Betting Super Bowl Props

There are various strategies and guidelines to consider when prop betting the Super Bowl. 

Avoid contradictory bets

Avoid hedging any bets if possible. If you take the Chiefs team total to go over 30.5 points but also have money on the game point total going under, then it doesn’t make much sense to place either bet. Have fun with the Super Bowl and try to avoid hedging if possible. 

Pay attention to early prop movements

Prop markets are not all released at once, as many open as the Super Bowl draws closer. Be sure to check the prop markets daily, beginning with the end of the Conference Championship weekend. Typically, the exotic markets open last.

Shop for the best line

This should be the case for any style of betting, but always shop for the best line possible. It’s a sportsbooks’ job to deliver the best price for the customer. You are the customer, so get the best deal possible. If Patrick Mahomes to win Super Bowl MVP is +110 one place and +135 another, it only makes sense to take +135 for better value.

Handicapping Super Bowl Prop Bets

Handicapping Super Bowl prop bets is no different than any other handicap in sports. Simply select the prop you wish to wager, then pay the moneyline offered. If a prop bettor wants to take Cooper Kupp to score a touchdown at -110, then it will cost $110 to win back $210 ($110 wagered + $100 in winnings).

General FAQs

How to make a sports pool?

Starting a sports pool is easy with RunYourPool! We have fully customizable settings, dedicated customer support, and we make it easy to invite friends so you can compete against them.

What is a sports pool?

Sports pools are games to play with family and friends. With RunYourPool, all you need to do is pick your sport, pick one of our game types, set up your pool, and compete!

How do I invite people to my pool?

Inviting friends to your pool is easy with RYP! We provide you with a custom link that you can send out to anyone you would like. We also have a connections feature to allow you to easily invite members to join your pool.

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Our pricing tiers are determined by how many members you have in your pool. We have three tiers; Amateur, Pro, and Front Office. Our pricing page provides a breakdown of all three options!

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