Soccer season never sleeps, as our RYP soccer experts never do either to get you the top picks and trends each day! Stay tuned as more soccer pools such as the Premier League and UEFA become available! 

We have moved our soccer free picks over to the more sports betting focused Splash Sports! Check them out over there!

General FAQs

How to make a sports pool?

Starting a sports pool is easy with RunYourPool! We have fully customizable settings, dedicated customer support, and we make it easy to invite friends so you can compete against them.

What is a sports pool?

Sports pools are games to play with family and friends. With RunYourPool, all you need to do is pick your sport, pick one of our game types, set up your pool, and compete!

How do I invite people to my pool?

Inviting friends to your pool is easy with RYP! We provide you with a custom link that you can send out to anyone you would like. We also have a connections feature to allow you to easily invite members to join your pool.

Who can play in a sports pool?

Anyone can play in a pool on RunYourPool! With our array of game types throughout multiple sports, there's an option for everyone.

How much does RunYourPool cost?

Our pricing tiers are determined by how many members you have in your pool. We have three tiers; Amateur, Pro, and Front Office. Our pricing page provides a breakdown of all three options!

Is RunYourPool legal?

RunYourPool is 100% legal. We do not allow any illegal entry fees or gambling on our website.


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