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Golf’s Ultimate Woj Bomb

Have you caught your breath yet golf fans? I haven’t had a Twitter session like this morning in years, but news drops like this will make you do crazy things. If you’re a fan of golf or sports at all it comes as no surprise to see a new headline in the PGA Tour vs. LIV Tour saga draped over your news feed…but Tuesday’s news of a MERGER between the two rival tours? Simply stunning.

In a world where leaks, secrets, and rumors always seem to flood out before the actual announcement is made, the news of the Saudi-backed golf league joining forces with the PGA Tour and DP World Tours came from out of nowhere. PGA Tour players, LIV golfers, most of the media and us as golf fans were all hit across the face with a headline for the ages. So what does this news REALLY mean for the future of the game? Let’s examine each side:

LIVing At The Bank

Well, the biggest and most obvious winners are the LIV Tour executives and competitors. While the LIV outpost probably could have paved its own separate path for years and be the red herring in competitive golf, they ended up having their cake and eating it too. The tour branched off on its own and corralled major champions and a surprisingly strong roster of players, and as unimpressive as the visuals of play looked at times, it affected the overall outlook and quality of product to the tour. They mowed down the competition and essentially strong-armed their way into merging with their rival in the PGA Tour. Now LIV players like Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka, and dozens of others are richer than their wildest dreams while regaining the ability to now play on either tour. It’s an unbelievable “HAHA” moment for these guys, who get to prance back onto the PGA Tour holding their new $100 million carrot over their counterparts. 

Tour Defeat

The most glaring loss from this merger news has got to be PGA Tour executives and commissioner Jay Monahan doing a virtual 180-degree spin on their previous word. Up until now the language from the PGA Tour had always portrayed the LIV Tour as an unsuitable partner in competitive golf that could not be trusted or partnered with. Monahan illicit the guilt points of having to do business with the same nation that took part in the 9/11 attacks, and a year later he’s doing that exact same business that he condoned with the Saudis heading up the LIV Tour. Furthermore, the alliance of golfers who asked for change like Mickelson (leading to their departure) did force the PGA Tour’s hand after their departure to modernize the product, but now Phil and other LIv Tour golfers will be welcomed back for actions and sentiments that previously got their tour cards revoked. The hypocrisy is spewing everywhere and it’s not a great look in that aspect. If you’re honorary player commissioner Rory McIlroy, or a tour ally like Justin Thomas or Jordan Spieth that likely turned down $100+ million to play for LIV, you’ve got to be punching air right now at this news.

AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File

We Win.

Now let’s talk about us and not the rich guys that golf for a living. For us golf fans and sports fans alike, this is AMAZING news and a great day for people who like to watch great golf. The merger officially will get all of the two tour stars back under one umbrella by 2024, and the possibilities are simply endless for how LIV’s impact could affect its new, merged product. Will there be four-man teams across the entirety of pro golf? Will we keep LIV events, courses, and formats and intertwine them into a new PGA Tour schedule? How much LOUDER will these merged tour events be? Are we golfing in shorts full-time now?! There are roughly 9 million questions to be answered, but just the thought of what competitive golf could look like in the years ahead is beyond fascinating. Get ready for the fan revolution of golf.

Brainstorming The Future Of Golf

To settle the score once and for all, can we do a Ryder-cup-style competition with the LIV OG’s against the PGA Tour cronies? I’ll not, I’ll take Rory’s new four-man team vs Phil’s HyFlyers.

I’m sure the CW is thrilled they can get back to those Charmed and Family Feud reruns on weekend afternoons.

If nothing else, I think we’ve now guaranteed that there will be one “get drunk and be loud” hole at every tour stop, so plan accordingly. Also, post-round concerts are now mandatory.

Last but not least…get ready to see a lot more PGA Tour/LIV merged events overseas. Yasir al-Rumayyan from the Saudi Arabia PIF is the new chairman of the board.

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The Masters is annually held at the Augusta National Golf Club located in Augusta, Georgia, USA.


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